Nestor Navarro - CV

Long story short

Hi recruiter (or curious), thanks to take your time to read my cv. I hope I don't bore you.

I worked as software engineer for several years, using language such as python or javascript stack.

Since three years ago I'm staring my path as Machine Learning developer. I'm working hard to keep learning different areas of my interest in this field, such as feature engineering, statistics technic, etc. In other hand I have been worked as researcher at leats for 5 years in Laboratorio de Investigación de Software at Universidad Tecnologíca Nacional - Córdoba. Some results were published as paper in conferences.

Finally I always want to perform some learning transfer actions to the community like writing a blog post, mentoring or teaching. As a way to give little bit that I learnt from the University and another great people and profesisional.

If you want more information about my professional career check my full cv in english or spanish.